Sunday, July 11, 2010

Funny Church Welcome Speech

day: 8 small questions (:

I was tagged by dear IPaintMyWorld and answer now 8 small issues that she has devised for us (: I will answer this time as soon as possible:

1.Wer was / is your childhood hero?
think it was Sailor Moon. I did as a child loved to play the episodes with friends after: D and because of her I'm only ever slipped in the manga / anime rail. Bunny is our sweet, thanks!

2nd from which beloved piece of clothing or accessory you can not separate you, even though it would require the test of time anyway?
A F├╝chte light blue Jean Shut: D he has accompanied me since at least 7 years and the part is just abysmally ugly, but there was no hat, which made me better protected by the river or on the beach before the sun and I am him! xD

Is not he ugly? : D

3.What is your own personal (trend) color for this summer?
leaf green! Whether it's a beautiful blouse now, a fabric flower in her hair or nails (:. This summer I do not get enough of this color (Is probably because I missed terribly during this long winter, the leaves on the trees)

4th and what color schemes prey cause you to purchase Say? What things in which, nearly identical colors you buy over and over again
Everything is black or dark x___x who knows me knows that I almost only black bear : D even though it now is less so, I felt did in 1000 black jeans and I have to force already own this, they want to buy a normal blue jeans xD a black jeans I've even double because it fits so well and looks that I it had almost worn in exchange ^ ^''

5.What movie / series you could watch you in the loop?
The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie. No other film touched me so much as this one. I've seen the movie ne time every 3 days and laugh every time in the same place again and have mitweinen. Also gives this film an ever again a boost endorphins: 3

6.Mischst you at your Home furnishings and furniture colors wild together or do you prefer it if everything fits together perfectly?
you enter my room, the first falls on my colorful chaos. Nothing really fits together. One black-red sofa, blue drawers to the cabinets and do a lot of cheesy trivia: D

And this is just a small part of my colorful room xD

7.Bist you a sweet, salty or spicy sweet tooth?
This is depending on the weather and mood (:. When it is warm and sunny, then I cross into chips rather soon as the weather or the mood is worse, then I get chocolate not enough.

8.What is the downside of the best trait in you?
I can be a super good friend. I'm taking general for problems of friends and got quite a lot of time to listen to all. Critically, the whole only if I am sometimes neglected or disappointed. Then I will quickly incredibly jealous or angry and can then, I'm usually fond of, to a mega bitchy beast ^ ^

are Sooo now I have to think up good times questions:

first Skirt, dress or shorts? What you wear them in the summer the most?
second Beach holiday or city break?
third If you change something about you could, what would it be?
4th What is your absolute favorite candy?
5th When you change like your hair color natural or do you prefer?
6th You just want to hear covers of songs or do you prefer originals?
7th What must always be there when you walk out of the house and why?
8th If tomorrow the world would go under, what would you do as a last like?

I hereby tag my love Mupfel , Miss Twinkle and semi-precious stone . And of course everyone else who feels up to! (: Have fun filling out



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